Membership of Morecambe Bay ME Group

Joining the group is a great way of keeping in touch with other people with M.E. and accessing information and support.
As well as socials, meetings, activities and courses, Members get a quarterly newsletter, access to the group facebook page, regular email Round Robin updates and access to the benefits visitor service.
Members find the group supportive and positive and a great help in reducing feelings of isolation.
As a member you can get involved at whatever level suits you whether that be attending socials,just keeping up to date with the newsletter, chatting on facebook or taking a course.

Membership costs

If you wish to receive the newsletter by post: £13.00 waged or £7.00 unwaged.

If you wish to receive the newsletter by email: £10.00 waged or £4.00 unwaged.

If you wish to pay by PayPal, a further 35p is added to all the above subscription rates to help us to cover the charges made by Paypal.

The subscription year starts in September, but if you join in July or August the payment you make will include those months and all the following year

How to Join or Renew Membership

Fill in the online form here and we will get back to you by e-mail
use the Contact page to ask us to send you a form by post or give us your details over the phone
If you have a Paypal account, you can click here to join and pay by Paypal.

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